Health and Safety

Why do we try not to clean windows from ladders any more?
In April 2005 under the Government’s  Health and Safety  department a new guideline was issued “working at height regulations” the main definition was quite simple, that no work should be carried out whilst standing on a ladder if it can be avoided or if there is a practical alternative way of doing the job. This for applies to all trades, and in the case of window cleaners there is an alternative, cherry pickers, scissor lifts or scaffolding.

For us we use water fed pole system, now by definition the fact that a window cleaner does not own a cherry picker or water fed pole is not reason enough to use a ladder to clean windows. Standing on a ladder for any length of time or repetitive use of ladder is also to be avoided. To this end many insurance companies will not cover the use of ladders.

When do we use ladders?
A Squee G Clean cleaners carry ladders to use when we need to occasionally access a flat roof or clean an add hock window, the ladder will always have a member of staff footing the bottom of the ladder or a recognized piece of equipment is used to secure the ladders stability.

We recognise that you just cannot leave things to chance, and we spent many months exploring and sourcing the correct insurance for our needs. You, the client can be assured that we have got it covered. We work within the Health and Safety guidelines and there for insurance companies are happy to issue cover for 5 million pounds, and over should you require.

Many companies’ Health and Safety policy requires that risk assessments and method statements are drawn up before any work is undertaken by contractors working on their behalf. This is something that we have experience with and can supply if required.