Window Cleaning Services

Established 2005

 Welcome to A Squee G Clean for many years we have been cleaning residential and commercial properties in the South of the UK.

We access and clean to the very highest standard your windows using our water fed pole system. We clean from the ground floor up to 6/7 stories, working within the Health & Safety guidelines. At no extra cost, as a matter of course we also ensure your frames and surrounds are washed at the same time including the doors.

The pure water system of cleaning leaves your windows clean. The water we use has been passed through a 5-stage filtration system which leaves the water we use in its purest form at a laboratory level of pure water. Unlike traditional window cleaning methods that leaves the window sticky attracting dirt more quickly, our method of window cleaning means that your windows will stay cleaner and for longer.

Traditionally not all windows can be cleaned due to their position on the property, Velux, roof, Dorma windows and windows situated on the side of buildings with narrow access. The water fed pole system allows us to reach these difficult positioned windows.