A Squee G Clean - Surrey Window Cleaning - professional local window cleaners covering - Walton,  Weybridge, Hersham, Esher, Molesey, Chertsey, Staines, Addlestone, Egham, Cobham, Oxshott, Claygate, Hinchley Wood, Weston Green, Thames Ditton & Long Ditton and Kingston.

A Squee G Clean - Surrey Window Cleaning - professional local window cleaners covering - Walton,  Weybridge, Hersham, Esher, Molesey, Chertsey, Staines, Addlestone, Egham, Cobham, Oxshott, Claygate, Hinchley Wood, Weston Green, Thames Ditton & Long Ditton and Kingston.

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We are very sensitive to the privacy concerns of the visitors to this site and are committed to protecting your privacy. We recognize that you are concerned about the information you provide us with and how we treat such information. As a result, this Privacy Policy and Cookies page has been created to address those concerns. Any changes to our policy will be posted on this page.
If you submit your personal details to us as described below you will be deemed to consent to their use by us in the ways indicated.

When you order services from the site we will collect your name, e-mail address and postal and billing addresses. We will use these details:

  • to fulfill your order;
  • if there are any queries on your order or if there is a problem with fulfilling your order;
  • to advise you of any of our promotional offers that may be of interest to you; but only if you permit us to.
  • to facilitate ease of use of our web site by you so that you do not have to input all your details again should you revisit the web site.
We will not use the information for other purposes and we do not share it with any third party.
We will take reasonable steps to keep all information as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use. All information will be protected by our security measures, which are periodically reviewed.
We retain personal information for as long as we have a current business need. If you would like your personal details removed from the database please email us

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Other kinds of cookies perform essential functions in the modern Web. Perhaps most importantly, authentication cookies are the most common method used by web servers to know whether the user is logged in or not, and which account they are logged in under. Without such a mechanism, the site would not know whether to send a page full of sensitive information, or a message saying "sorry, you need to log in". The security of an authentication cookie generally depends on the security of the issuing website and the user's web browser. If not implemented correctly, a cookie's data can be intercepted by a hacker to gain unapproved access to the user's data and possibly to the originating website.

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We use cookies.

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GDPR Compliance Assurance: Customer Statement

Purpose of this Statement
A Squee G Clean believes that privacy is a very important right for people and wishes to assure all our company’s customers that we work hard on ensuring compliance in all areas of our business.
Within this statement A Squee G Clean wanted to highlight to our customers the measures we have put in place to ensure compliance with the GDPR where we hold or process personal data on your behalf.

Data Protection Officer
A Squee G Clean has designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who is responsible for all matters relating to data protection and GDPR compliance. The DPO will ensure that we are accountable and transparent to the supervisory authorities, including the creation and maintenance of “Records of processing activities” as per Article 30 of the GDPR.

Customer Contracts
To adhere to the GDPR requirement that a data controller (our customer) must appoint the processor (A Squee G Clean) in the form of binding written agreement, with the personal data processed (including the activities of any sub- processors) only on documented instructions from the controller or the requirements of EU law or the national laws of Member States, we will be reviewing with our customer all our agreements to ensure compliance. This will ensure that relevant wordings are in place to cover aspects such as cover the duration, nature and purpose of the processing, the types of data processed and the obligations and rights of the controller. It will also, where applicable, cover cross border transfers and the use of any sub processors.

Security and Business Continuity Measures
A Squee G Clean continually seeks to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the personal data we store or process. We maintain appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access.
In demonstration of this, we have processes compliant with the necessary standards.

Data Breaches
Under the GDPR, we must notify any data breach to the controller without undue delay. A Squee G Clean therefore has processes and procedures in place for identifying, reviewing and promptly reporting data breaches to the relevant controller.
We would provide the controller with:

    •A description of the nature of the breach
    •Contact details of the responsible data protection officer or any other contact person
    •Likely consequences of the breach
    •Proposed and imposed measures that were taken to limit harmful effects
    We would stress again that we have comprehensive technical and organisational security measures in place to mitigate against a data breach.

Data Subject Rights
Under the GDPR there are significant enhancements to the rights that individuals enjoy with regards their personal data. A Squee G Clean can work with customers for whom we hold or process personal data in order to determine how best to facilitate:

    •Handling Data Subject Access Requests Rectification of personal data
    •The application of retention periods and the secure erasure / destruction of personal data
    •Responding to data portability requests, providing it in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format


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